Putting Change Into Motion

Our three-fold plan to stabilize the nursing crisis and build better health care:

Putting Change Into Motion

Our three-fold plan to stabilize the nursing crisis and build better health care:

Our plan for better health care revolves around 3 central points:

1. Retain

Keeping experienced Registered Nurses & Nurse Practitioners who are currently working in Newfoundland & Labrador is our top priority. RNs and NPs are highly educated, skilled professionals who provide “round-the-clock” patient care. They assess, educate, and advocate for their patients in ways others cannot. They are vital to providing safe patient care. But with unimaginable and unsafe working conditions, the lowest compensation in the country, and opportunities to make more money as private agency nurses, why would they choose to keep going? We’re fighting for:

  • A salary that’s fair and competitive.
  • Better retention benefits to keep the RNs & NPs we still have.
  • Safer, supportive, and healthy work environments.

2. Return

Mandatory overtime, 24-hour shifts, high levels of violence, and no access to leave. Years of understaffing and inadequate planning got us here. And patients are paying the price. Public health is not a business, and RNU is committed to finding short and long-term solutions that improve working conditions and:

  • Return RNs back to the profession.
  • Return casual RNs back to full-time positions.
  • Return retired RNs to the workforce.
  • Return RNs and NPs back to the public system from private nursing agencies.

3. Recruit

With 650 vacant RN positions throughout Newfoundland & Labrador, nurse-to-patient ratios are already critically low in hospitals and medical centres across the province. In two years, that number will have grown to 1500. It’s time to turn this ship around and create healthier workplace. We must recruit and train as many RNs and NPs as possible. We’re fighting for:

  • Better recruitment incentives to hire & retain permanent positions.
  • Incentives for new graduates to go into full-time positions.
  • Safer working conditions.

How You Can Help

Health care is beyond broken – but it isn’t beyond repair.

Our momentum is building. One by one, we all have the power to make a difference and help rebuild health care.


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Email Your MHA

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Spread The Word

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